Sunday, September 14, 2008

Change 'I' can believe in!

What’s that saying we keep hearing? “Change you can believe in”. Well, how is another lawyer presidential nominee and his lawyer vice presidential running mate, who has been a staple in Washington since 1973, change? Is the change that the presidential nominee has less relevant experience than any in modern times? Is the change that he is half black? Maybe the change is that he is a Marxist and a Communist.

Presidential candidate John McCain is not a lawyer. Sarah Palin, his Vice Presidential running mate, is not a lawyer. What a welcome change. Senator McCain has experience. He has life experience and experience in government. John McCain does not follow the status quo in Washington. John McCain IS change.

John McCain went as far from Washington politics as one can go and not leave the continental United States to find an experienced running mate not already tarnished by DC politics who showed the moxie to stand up to the status quo. Sarah Palin was not out for power or to be a politician. Sarah Palin joined the PTA, became mayor, chaired the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission and became Governor of Alaska in order to affect change. Sarah Palin is a REAL American who saw the corruption and set out to do something about it. She has that American spirit which makes us all inclined to ‘do it ourselves’.

Our government is not going to get any better unless more people like Sarah Palin come forth and do the work to change things. We need more people like Sarah Palin in higher offices to eradicate the vermin in Washington who have hijacked the powers of the states. They rob us of our money and spend it like it’s burning a hole in their pockets. They spend it on things they have no right to spend it on. They are thieves plain and simple. They are big government and they are out of control. People like John McCain and Sarah Palin are attempting to put the reigns on a gluttonous government out of control. Sarah sold the private jet of the governor and fired the kitchen staff. Now THAT’S change.

We need to clean house and stop sending lawyers and other career politicians to DC. We need grass roots leaders like Sarah Palin who will truly follow the constitution. Leaders like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson who were there to serve the people and nation, not themselves. Having Sarah in the White House is the first step but there is more that must be done. We need Sarah Palins from every state. Men, women, black, white, of all ages and religions who want to go and fix DC. REAL Americans who are there, not for the power or the glory but to fix the mess made by the career politicians and those out for the perks. Americans ready to go back to the constitution plain and simple. When more of us do what Sarah Palin has done we will have taken back America for ourselves and our children and it will be an America worth passing on to out children.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

RIP-Journalism in America

I don't know about the rest of you but I took courses in journalism. We were taught to be unbiased. We were to report only facts, all the facts. A good journalist was supposed to thoroughly investigate all leads and give the people all the facts and let 'them' decide for themselves. Journalism in the United States is dead. We are now fed like baby birds. The press, the news is fed to us after being thoroughly masticated and then vomited to us as the liberal press sees fit.

Case in point: Has anyone heard a thorough explanation of the relationship between Obama and Bill Ayres the unrepentant terrorist and? How about Obama and Tony Rezko? Have we heard about the outcome of his failed policies in Illinois where he was working with low income housing, eventually helping to make his buddy Rezko rich and leaving behind no place to live for the people he was promising so much to? How often did he vote present rather than for or against? Has anyone really looked into whether he is actually a natural (not naturalized) citizen of the US? Has the press put out a clear, fact filled, outline of what experience Obama really has that makes him Presidential material? When the liberals misquote fact, do we ever hear them contradicted in the press or on the news?

Sarah Palin is the Governor of Alaska. She has more executive experience than Obama but to hear Obama and HIS press talk about her you'd never hear that she was anything more than the mayor of a 9000 citizen town. It is common practice for the US to elect governors to be presidents because of their executive experience, and NO Obama, a presidential campaign is not executive experience. Spending your whole US Senate term running for president doesn't do anything for your resume either. How about explaining how being a 'community organizer' gives you the skills you need to be president? What have you DONE that you can point to as an accomplishment? Sarah Palin can tell you a thing or two about change and she can show you what she did to affect it!!

Citizens of the United States, journalism is dead. If you want the facts, you will have to look for them yourself. Here is a start. Read the Constitution of the United States. Read the Communist Manifesto. Compare what Obama says to both. It's a real eye opener. Now, the next thing we need to do it to demand REAL journalism from our media. Most of us are smart enough that we do not need the biased media TELLING us how to think. Give us the facts and we'll be the judge.

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Monday, February 25, 2008

This is a Test. Anchor Baby!

OK, let me see if I get this right.
1.)It's the late 1970s and Russia decides to declare war on the US. They come to the US to fight the war. They take over southern California, Eastern Florida and Eastern Maine. During the time their troops, including female troops, are in the US some of the female troops give birth. Are the babies Americans?
2.)A legal immigrant comes to the US and is pursuing citizenship. He and his wife have a child before their citizenship is finalized but eventually do become citizens? Is this the correct use of the anchor baby law?
3.)A terrorist comes to the US with his family to train as a pilot to pilot a plane into the white house. While his family is here they have a baby, is that baby an American?
4.)An illegal alien comes over the Mexican border into San Diego with his pregnant wife. His wife gives birth while in San Diego. Is that baby an American?
5.) A diplomat from another country is stationed in the US. His wife gives birth in the US. Is that baby an American?
Now, you tell me, how broad does the anchor baby law reach? Was it meant to make all of these babies Americans? Did it not have a specific purpose? Is it now being abused?

My view is:
1.) Absolutely not. How absurd.
2.) As long as citizenship is eventually granted to that couple, the baby's citizenship should be recognized as American.
3.) Absolutely not. How absurd.
4.) Absolutely not. How absurd.
5.) Absolutely not. Most diplomats would never even consider this.

Tell me why the babies of people who's very presence in this country is a crime are being given citizen status in our country?

Sunday, February 10, 2008

What if 20 million Illegals vacated America?

Dr. Alan Keyes
Date: Feb 10, 2008 9:05 AM


That's a good question and it deserves an answer. Over 80 percent of Americans demand secured borders and illegal migration stopped. But what would happen if all 20 million or more vacated America? The answers may surprise you!

In California, if 3.5 million illegal aliens moved back to Mexico, it would leave an extra $10.2 billion to spend on overloaded school systems, bankrupted hospitals and overrun prisons. It would leave highways cleaner, safer and less congested. Everyone could understand one another as English became the dominate language again.

In Colorado, 500,000 illegal migrants, plus their 300,000 kids and grand-kids would move back "home", mostly to Mexico. That would save Coloradans an estimated $2 billion (other experts say $7 BIL) annually in taxes that pay for schooling, medical, social-services and incarceration costs. It means 12,000 gang members would vanish out of Denver alone.

Colorado would save more than $20 million in prison costs and the terror that those 7,300 alien criminals set upon local citizens. Denver police Officer Don Young and hundreds of Colorado victims would not have suffered death, accidents, rapes and other crimes by illegals.

Denver Public Schools would not suffer a 67 percent drop out/flunk out rate via thousands of illegal alien students speaking 41 different languages. At least 200,000 vehicles would vanish from our gridlocked cities in Colorado. Denver's four percent unemployment rate would vanish as our working poor would gain jobs at a living wage.

In Florida, 1.5 million illegals would return the Sunshine State back to America, the rule of law and English.

In Chicago, Illinois, 2.1 million illegals would free up hospitals, schools, prisons and highways for a safer, cleaner and more crime-free experience.

If 20 million illegal aliens returned "home," the U.S. economy would return to the rule of law. Employers would hire legal American citizens at a living wage. Everyone would pay their fair share of taxes because they wouldn't be working off the books. That would result in an additional $401 billion in IRS income taxes collected annually, and an equal amount for local state and city coffers.

No more push '1' for Spanish or '2' for English. No more confusion in American schools that now must content with over 100 languages that degrade the educational system for American kids. Our overcrowded schools would lose more than two million illegal alien kids at a cost of billions in ESL and free breakfasts and lunches.

We would lose 500,000 illegal criminal alien inmates at a cost of more than $1.6 billion annually. That includes 15,000 MS-13 gang members who distribute $130 billion in drugs annually would vacate our country. In cities like L.A., 20,000 members of the "18th Street Gang" would vanish from our nation. No more Mexican forgery gangs for ID theft from Americans! No more foreign rapists and child molesters!

Losing more than 20 million people would clear up our crowded highways and gridlock. Cleaner air and less drinking and driving American deaths by illegal aliens!

Over $80 billion annually wouldn't return to their home countries by cash transfers. Illegal migrants earned half that money untaxed, which further drains America's economy which currently suffers an $8.7 trillion debt.

At least 400,000 anchor babies would not be born in our country, costing us $109 billion per year per cycle. At least 86 hospitals in California, Georgia and Florida would still be operating instead of being bankrupted out of existence because illegals pay nothing via the EMTOLA Act. Americans wouldn't suffer thousands of TB and hepatitis cases rampant in our country brought in by illegals unscreened at our borders.

Our cities would see 20 million less people driving, polluting and grid locking our cities. It would also put the "progressives" on the horns of a dilemma; illegal aliens and their families cause 11 percent of our greenhouse gases.

Over one million of Mexico’s poorest citizens now live inside and along our border from Brownsville, Texas to San Diego, California in what the New York Times called, colonias or new neighborhoods. Trouble is, those living areas resemble Bombay and Calcutta where grinding poverty, filth, diseases, drugs, crimes, no sanitation and worse. They live without sewage, clean water, streets, electricity, roads or any kind of sanitation. The New York Times reported them to be America’s new Third World inside our own country. Within 20 years, at their current growth rate, they expect 20 million residents of those colonias. By enforcing our laws, we could repatriate them back to Mexico.

We invite 20 million aliens to go home, fix their own countries and/or make a better life in Mexico. We invite a million people into our country legally more than all other countries combined annually. We cannot and must not allow anarchy at our borders, more anarchy within our borders and growing lawlessness at every level in our nation.

It’s time to stand up for our country, our culture, our civilization and our way of life.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Lesser of the Evils?

I'm having a lot of trouble getting fired up about this election. Where is the true conservative in this race? I loved Fred Thompson and Duncan Hunter but their campaigns were missing that fire and where were the true conservatives to rally around them? Why would any true conservative vote for Huckabee or McCain let alone Giuliani? Romney seems like the lesser of the evils. I just wish there was ONE TRUE conservative left in the race. Is true conservatism dead in the Republican party? If so, where does a true conservative go? Third parties just make it more likely that a Democrat will win and that is definitely the WORSE of the evils. Do we really have to settle for the lesser of the true evils instead of the representation we REALLY want?

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Conservative First

I am a conservative FIRST and foremost so when John McCain wins a caucus I have to wonder where does a conservative go for representation? We used to go to the republicans. John McCain is no conservative. Huckabee is no conservative. Romney is conservative, mostly. Fred is definitely a conservative and our dearly departed Duncan Hunter was conservative. Who is voting in these caucuses? Certainly not conservatives.

WANTED: Conservative Republican candidate. Must be ready to lower taxes. Decrease the size of the federal government. Win the war by letting the troops do their jobs without PC standards. Kick out every illegal alien and fix the anchor baby law retroactive 20 years. Punish anyone who harbors an illegal or employs an illegal. Exonerate the border patrol agents from any wrong doing. Build the wall and fortify it with troops. Must be willing to stand up to presidents of other countries and put America first. They should want to turn the power back over to the states. Must believe that the people's money belongs to them and they are the best judge of where it should be used. Must know and uphold the constitution as it was meant to be. They will appoint judges that will not legislate from the bench. Must realize that the separation of church and state was to keep the government out of church NOT the church out of government. Must push to get the US out of the UN. Must not care what other countries think as long as we are still the great country we once were.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Illegal Immigration and Exploding Incidence of Identity Theft

Just a few more fine upstanding illegal immigrants looking for a better way of life.

Illegal Immigration and Exploding Incidence of Identity Theft

Is there any part of our life that illegal immigration does now touch and deteriorate? Those illegals and their seedy employers have to get social security numbers somewhere. When they run out of dead people to rip off they go after me and you. Identity theft will cost you in money, in time and, very possibly, your sanity.

Our government only seems to be slapping the hands of illegals and employers caught using bogus and stolen social security numbers. Like the minute men, we need to take matters into our own hands. Since we as citizens can't march into the human resources office of every suspected illegal alien employer, luckily there are products like Lifelock that will protect us from these vermin that infest every area of our lives.

It is up to us to be diligent in battling illegal immigration and it's effects on our lives. Obviously our government has forgotten what their purpose is. If any of the present presidential hopefuls were in touch with their constituents they'd be addressing this issue much more.

Until such time that our government gets back to the business of governing and protecting our country it's, unfortunately, up to us. I recommend we all continue to write our representatives and leaders. I recommend you vote for the most conservative presidential hopeful with the strongest stance against illegal immigration and amnesty and I recommend you protect yourself by visiting sites like in order to guard yourself and your family from the ravages of these criminals.

This is a war we are fighting and our government is leaving us little alternative. Soon it may be time to pick up arms and drive these criminals out forcibly with or without the cooperation of our government. Until then take advantage of programs like Lifelock and for a limited time they are offering these Lifelock Promotion Codes to help you protect yourself and your family from the destructive consequences of identity theft. If our government won't protect those they are sworn to protect then it is up to us.