Sunday, July 29, 2007

Paranoia? I think NOT

Some of you may see this as paranoia but I think if you really mull it over you will see the danger before us. Anchor babies may be the end of the US as we know it. Our 'anchor baby' law was enacted for African slaves and the like who were forcibly brought to the US against their will. Their children were given citizenship upon their birth. This law was not meant to make any child brought into this world in the US citizenship and especially not to give automatic citizenship to the children of those who are ILLEGALLY here.
Many may wonder why this matters and why I find this dangerous. Follow the reasoning. Illegal aliens come into the US, most of them Mexican. Many Latino groups such as La Raza and Aztlan see the US as THEIRS and aim to take it back. These groups have 4-5X more children then native born and legal immigrant citizens. Eventually, the largest percentage of American voters will be children of illegal aliens with the right to vote. With the lions share of votes we could lose our country. They will legalize their families, bring in more of them, annex the US to Mexico, make Spanish the official language of the US (since our government won't vote to make English the official language) and, in essence, drag us down into a socialistic third world country like the one they are from. They will vote socialism in and we will lose our identity as the US we all know and love. There is great danger in allowing the offspring of illegal aliens to have US citizenship. We MUST put a stop to this before it is too late if it is not so already.
We must start seeing this for what it is. An invasion.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Anchor Babies!

OK, I need to address something and you can call me paranoid if you want but I've seen a La Raza video that points out the number of children illegals are having in our country and the number of children Americans are having and it got me thinking. We have this anchor baby law that was not meant for illegals, actually, none of our laws are meant for illegals except the ones stating they should be deported. If these invaders/criminals continue having children in our country and we do not change this law that was meant for slaves brought in against their will then eventually I can see quite a few ramifications that will destroy America. We will have more voters that feel they are Mexican American and not American. They will vote to bring their brethren in, to legalize their relatives maybe even to take back the southwestern US if not more. We will end up living in the third world country they left. THey make make Spanish the official language of the US. They will vote democrat because they like the welfare state. We have to stop legalizing children born to illegal allien parents before they destroy our world. THis has to happen now. We need to use existing laws to keep more of them from coming in illegally. We need to make English the official language of the US. We need to abolish no child left behind so that US children can have a better education and just as important if not more important we need to abolish any law that allows illegals to have babies in the US and gives citizenship to those babies. If both parents are illegals that baby is an illegal plain and simple. Do it now before it's too late.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Now what?

I'm going to embark on some pretty 'radical' thoughts here just to get you thinking. Now that the Senate knows how we feel and the House has made it clear they will not go along with a bill similar to the senate bill concerning illegal immigration, what's next? Is it impossible for the Senate to come up with a bill that includes, at this time, only what is needed to enforce existing laws and secure our border? I mean, why does every bill have to include so many unrelated and/or not required stipulations? It IS against the law to illegally immigrate into the US. The government already has the right to protect our border and deport illegal aliens. As I see it there is no need for a bill to do what we need to do first and that is secure our border. If they feel they need a new bill RIGHT NOW how about making English the official language of the US. How about making it illegal to knowingly rent to an illegal or employ an illegal with harsh penalties attached. How about abolishing the anchor baby law which was only meant for those African-Americans brought here illegal as slaves and make it retroactive to the last amnesty signed by Reagan so that no child born to an illegal immigrant (without at least one legal US citizen parent) will have American citizenship unless that illegal immigrant parent or child has since become a legal citizen through legal means. Another stipulation that would help in our fight would be empowering the border patrol and military to use whatever means necessary and not allowing illegal aliens to sue our authorities. Lets make it a requirement to report all possible illegal aliens to the proper authorities by schools, employers, hospitals and government entities. Increase the penalties for anyone found with false identification or found making such. Develop a new way of correctly identifying citizens and, therefore, non-citizens. Abolish 'no child left behind'. Ensure that no assistance is given to any illegal alien or his/her children besides emergency medical care including, WIC, schooling, welfare or non-emergent medical care. Last but not least let's take control of our Senate. They are overstepping their bounds in many realms. The individual states have had power robbed of them by a Senate out of control.

In closing, a new threat to our freedoms by our Senate is looming. Stop the Senate in their push to re-institute the fairness doctrine and take away our freedom of speech. Every day conservative Americans are up against a predominately liberal media whether it be in print or television but you don't hear the Senators screaming for the fairness doctrine. The radio is our means of having not only a voice but WE can actually call and challenge these hosts ensuring we are not getting a one sided media. The fact that liberals don't like what they say does not make this wrong. Conservative talk show hosts are happy to have liberal callers and guest. The fact that the few liberals who have tried this genre have failed is not a matter of fairness but of talent and demand. Citizens can watch TV and get liberal bias, they don't need to turn to radio nor do they seem to wish to. Conservative radio is intelligent discussion where most liberals are happy with unchallenged rhetoric. The fairness doctrine is very one sided because you won't see them using it on liberal newscasts etc. This is merely a freedom of speech issue whereas the liberals want to shut up those with a differing opinion.