Thursday, January 10, 2008

Illegal Immigration and Exploding Incidence of Identity Theft

Just a few more fine upstanding illegal immigrants looking for a better way of life.

Illegal Immigration and Exploding Incidence of Identity Theft

Is there any part of our life that illegal immigration does now touch and deteriorate? Those illegals and their seedy employers have to get social security numbers somewhere. When they run out of dead people to rip off they go after me and you. Identity theft will cost you in money, in time and, very possibly, your sanity.

Our government only seems to be slapping the hands of illegals and employers caught using bogus and stolen social security numbers. Like the minute men, we need to take matters into our own hands. Since we as citizens can't march into the human resources office of every suspected illegal alien employer, luckily there are products like Lifelock that will protect us from these vermin that infest every area of our lives.

It is up to us to be diligent in battling illegal immigration and it's effects on our lives. Obviously our government has forgotten what their purpose is. If any of the present presidential hopefuls were in touch with their constituents they'd be addressing this issue much more.

Until such time that our government gets back to the business of governing and protecting our country it's, unfortunately, up to us. I recommend we all continue to write our representatives and leaders. I recommend you vote for the most conservative presidential hopeful with the strongest stance against illegal immigration and amnesty and I recommend you protect yourself by visiting sites like in order to guard yourself and your family from the ravages of these criminals.

This is a war we are fighting and our government is leaving us little alternative. Soon it may be time to pick up arms and drive these criminals out forcibly with or without the cooperation of our government. Until then take advantage of programs like Lifelock and for a limited time they are offering these Lifelock Promotion Codes to help you protect yourself and your family from the destructive consequences of identity theft. If our government won't protect those they are sworn to protect then it is up to us.

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Anonymous said...

i live in texas and that.s all illeagle aliens do is rob and rape and drunk driving that kills a american citizen , and they get free tanf and food stamps by the millions for their ancor babies. and stand in long lines at missions all day for hand outs while their husbands they say don,t live with them bring home a paycheck. i will vote for anybody that can stop this freebie ride.