Tuesday, September 02, 2008

RIP-Journalism in America

I don't know about the rest of you but I took courses in journalism. We were taught to be unbiased. We were to report only facts, all the facts. A good journalist was supposed to thoroughly investigate all leads and give the people all the facts and let 'them' decide for themselves. Journalism in the United States is dead. We are now fed like baby birds. The press, the news is fed to us after being thoroughly masticated and then vomited to us as the liberal press sees fit.

Case in point: Has anyone heard a thorough explanation of the relationship between Obama and Bill Ayres the unrepentant terrorist and? How about Obama and Tony Rezko? Have we heard about the outcome of his failed policies in Illinois where he was working with low income housing, eventually helping to make his buddy Rezko rich and leaving behind no place to live for the people he was promising so much to? How often did he vote present rather than for or against? Has anyone really looked into whether he is actually a natural (not naturalized) citizen of the US? Has the press put out a clear, fact filled, outline of what experience Obama really has that makes him Presidential material? When the liberals misquote fact, do we ever hear them contradicted in the press or on the news?

Sarah Palin is the Governor of Alaska. She has more executive experience than Obama but to hear Obama and HIS press talk about her you'd never hear that she was anything more than the mayor of a 9000 citizen town. It is common practice for the US to elect governors to be presidents because of their executive experience, and NO Obama, a presidential campaign is not executive experience. Spending your whole US Senate term running for president doesn't do anything for your resume either. How about explaining how being a 'community organizer' gives you the skills you need to be president? What have you DONE that you can point to as an accomplishment? Sarah Palin can tell you a thing or two about change and she can show you what she did to affect it!!

Citizens of the United States, journalism is dead. If you want the facts, you will have to look for them yourself. Here is a start. Read the Constitution of the United States. Read the Communist Manifesto. Compare what Obama says to both. It's a real eye opener. Now, the next thing we need to do it to demand REAL journalism from our media. Most of us are smart enough that we do not need the biased media TELLING us how to think. Give us the facts and we'll be the judge.

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