Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Conservative First

I am a conservative FIRST and foremost so when John McCain wins a caucus I have to wonder where does a conservative go for representation? We used to go to the republicans. John McCain is no conservative. Huckabee is no conservative. Romney is conservative, mostly. Fred is definitely a conservative and our dearly departed Duncan Hunter was conservative. Who is voting in these caucuses? Certainly not conservatives.

WANTED: Conservative Republican candidate. Must be ready to lower taxes. Decrease the size of the federal government. Win the war by letting the troops do their jobs without PC standards. Kick out every illegal alien and fix the anchor baby law retroactive 20 years. Punish anyone who harbors an illegal or employs an illegal. Exonerate the border patrol agents from any wrong doing. Build the wall and fortify it with troops. Must be willing to stand up to presidents of other countries and put America first. They should want to turn the power back over to the states. Must believe that the people's money belongs to them and they are the best judge of where it should be used. Must know and uphold the constitution as it was meant to be. They will appoint judges that will not legislate from the bench. Must realize that the separation of church and state was to keep the government out of church NOT the church out of government. Must push to get the US out of the UN. Must not care what other countries think as long as we are still the great country we once were.


The Young Reaganite said...

What I think is ridiculous how the religious right has really betrayed conservatism. Who say your conservative, and then vote for the guy who brings up Jesus the most.Mike Huckabee is no conservative, he is a democrat who like Jesus alot. I am a Christian and I am a conservative, and I see Mike Huckabee for what he is.


Zita said...

Alan Keyes is not giving up the fight to make sure that we have a good candidate to choose from in November. He is still running for President as an independent. Help is needed. Check out his website at www.alankeyes.com

James said...

The two party system brought about our downfall. This was to decieve Americans into thinking they had a choice. We are now beyond being able to change our nation back via the ballot. The powers behind the politician would not allow it. We have been overthrown from within. Only a second America Revolution could change things; but with our brainwashed society we could not even accomplish that now.