Monday, May 01, 2006

A Day without illegal immigrants

I'm watching the news and getting more frustrated by the minute. What is with these immigrant protests? When did we stop differentiating between legal and illegal immigrants? What are legal immigrants doing taking the day off from school and work to support those who illegally came into our country? Why is anyone supporting someone who illegally came into our country AND are illegal immigrants really immigrants? Let's get this clear, America is a nation of immigrants and there is no threat to legal immigrants. There is no prejudice against immigrants. Therefore, there is no need for an immigrant to protest. The issue, illegal invaders, criminal aliens, not immigrants. So why are we having protests for immigrant rights. The people who's rights these people fear are being taken are not immigrants, they are invaders. Immigrants come legally, invaders make their first act on US soil a crime, their very presence. So, anyone who protests for the rights of these people missing work and school should lose their job and be suspended from school. They are supporting criminals, law breakers, alien invaders. So let's make this very clear. Immigrants are welcome in our country, therefore these protests are not for immigrant rights but for the rights of criminals and therefore these protests are not justified nor are they acceptable. When will our media start pointing out the difference between an immigrant and an illegal invader? When?