Monday, February 25, 2008

This is a Test. Anchor Baby!

OK, let me see if I get this right.
1.)It's the late 1970s and Russia decides to declare war on the US. They come to the US to fight the war. They take over southern California, Eastern Florida and Eastern Maine. During the time their troops, including female troops, are in the US some of the female troops give birth. Are the babies Americans?
2.)A legal immigrant comes to the US and is pursuing citizenship. He and his wife have a child before their citizenship is finalized but eventually do become citizens? Is this the correct use of the anchor baby law?
3.)A terrorist comes to the US with his family to train as a pilot to pilot a plane into the white house. While his family is here they have a baby, is that baby an American?
4.)An illegal alien comes over the Mexican border into San Diego with his pregnant wife. His wife gives birth while in San Diego. Is that baby an American?
5.) A diplomat from another country is stationed in the US. His wife gives birth in the US. Is that baby an American?
Now, you tell me, how broad does the anchor baby law reach? Was it meant to make all of these babies Americans? Did it not have a specific purpose? Is it now being abused?

My view is:
1.) Absolutely not. How absurd.
2.) As long as citizenship is eventually granted to that couple, the baby's citizenship should be recognized as American.
3.) Absolutely not. How absurd.
4.) Absolutely not. How absurd.
5.) Absolutely not. Most diplomats would never even consider this.

Tell me why the babies of people who's very presence in this country is a crime are being given citizen status in our country?

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