Saturday, February 18, 2006

Clinton anti-freedom of Speech


In the Daily Times I recently read an article about former president Clinton speaking in Islamabad about the recent upheaval over the Danish cartoons. President Clinton condemned the publication of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) caricatures by European newspapers and urged countries concerned to convict the publishers. (Daily Times article) Obviously, freedom of speech is not as important as he might have previously claimed. I wonder, how would he have reacted if the cartoon had been of Jesus rather than Muhammad. I think we all know. I say, support the Danish.
In this world the liberals will protect your right to burn our flag. They will support your right to blasphemy God, sometimes calling it art and financing it. They will support your right to proliferate pornography. BUT, make a joke involving the 'peaceful' Muslims and you've crossed the line. IT seems in this day and age people get offended very easily and think that their right to not be offended supersedes the right to free speech. Sure, it might have been insensitive but, in all fairness, many of the cartoons were only satirizing many sad truths. Personally, the one of Muhammad with the bomb on his head, I found all too telling. All these suicide bombers doing it in the name of Muhammad, I mean come on people it's not like there wasn't a thread of truth in the satire. There have been cartoons making fun of Christians and, as a Christian, I can see the humor in some of them. Just because someone doesn't agree with your beliefs does not make them void of the freedom of speech. So, it's time for these 'peace loving' Muslims to settle down and GET OVER IT. Seems people get offended pretty easy these days and cry foul rather than realizing that in a society where the freedom of speech is valued, you may need to learn to deal with the occasional offense and learn not to take it personally or you will spend your life being incensed and offended. Sometimes we have to take responsibility for our own reactions instead of infringing on the rights of others. I have never seen the right to live without being offended in the Constitution.
Speaking of cartoons:
Mind you, some might find it offensive (has some language) but it really makes a point.

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