Friday, February 17, 2006

Cry Babies in the Corps - The PRESS corps that is

How many of you are sick of the whining of the DC press corps? You would think they were a branch of government that was let out of the loop. They are merely reporters and need to get over themselves, much like actors these days.
So, here is the whole story: The vice-president goes on a private hunting trip with no press or other official entourage except his physician's assistant, secret service, etc. He has a beer at lunch hours before he is hunting and accidentally sprays bird shot in the direction of a friend who did not announce himself. He then immediately turns his attention to the health of his friend getting him medical help, ambulance, etc. The woman with him was once a wildlife bigwig and is a local as well as an eyewitness. She is well credentialed to get the information out accurately. She makes sure, with the blessing of Mr. Cheney, that the local press gets the story which eventually makes it to the mainstream press. These press corps types think they are 'entitled' to the story first. They are nothing but 'the press' and have shown themselves to be biased against the current administration at every turn and, given this information before it was accurately reported in Corpus Christi, they would have put twists on it to make the administration look bad, THAT IS WHAT THEY DO. Then when Mr. Cheney goes to Fox News (referred to by a member of the leftist press as the 'F word network') because he feels comfortable with their handling of information, they are up in arms again that he didn't go to a less friendly less reliable source like CBS, ABC or NBC. You see, these sources obviously never studied journalism or the idea of 'unbiased' journalism might once in a while creep into their news shows. Would Clinton have gone to Fox? Why, when the others are his go to guys for twisting the news the way he wants it? ABC, NBC and CBS are the best friends the DNC has, free advertising and innuendo. Hey press corps, Mr Cheney is not stupid. He wanted the true facts to get out (just the facts man) not a bunch of rhetoric and inference. He answered all the questions with eloquence and Mr Hume asked all the questions needing to be asked. By the way, how's that story on Kennedy's handling of his little accident coming along? It took him how long to report it? It took him how long to check on the welfare of his mistress/staff member? How would you handle that? How would FOX handle that? Hmmmmm, unbiased journalism, what a novel idea. Now isn't there more important things to report on? Maybe Iran? OF course that would depend on your aim. Is your goal to report the news or twist the news to take down the current administration?
Personally, I think every newscast by the 'big three' should have a disclaimer, 'brought to you in cooperation with the DNC' in the corner of the screen, now THAT is truth in journalism.

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