Thursday, February 16, 2006

It's ACLU Thursday!!!!

The Anti-American Communistic Lawyers Union has some very confusing points of view that can mean only one thing. We are too stupid for our freedom.
Did you know that by making late term abortion illegal we 'force' women to endanger their lives with back-alley abortions? The fact that we deem birthing a baby until it's head almost leaves the birth canal and jamming a pair of scissors into the base of it's brain and scrambling and sucking it's brains out, murder makes us insensitive to the plight of a woman who waited until their 8th or ninth month to kill her baby. The ACLU wants to argue that our keeping her from killing this baby at this point is a violation of HER civil rights? Their favorite argument is that we are keeping a woman who could die from saving her own life, so I guess letting the baby come all of the way out of the birth canal without killing it would kill the mother?
Likewise, protecting our borders "causes' illegal immigrants to die in the desert. I'd say the stupidity of law breaking invaders causes them to perish in the desert. According to the ACLU we are 'forcing' these people to risk their lives and die. There is this system that allows you to 'legally' enter the US and if done this way you most likely will not die in the desert.
The fact that the entry of these criminals into our country illegally harms the civil rights of Americans is not of any consequence to the ACLU. They are the most un-American of groups and yet carry the name American in their monaker and receive our money to support their attempt to destroy our way of life, to take away our civil rights while defending the civil rights of deviants, criminals and the morally retarded at every turn. They attempt to take away the civil rights of every decent America loving, Christian in the US in order to defend the supposed civil rights of deviants.
They find the sight of a manger scene at Christmas morally reprehensible and yet defend those who would sodomize our sons. They think every child should have the right to view pornography in the public library but not the right to pray before their meal at school. Civil rights is not their concern, their concern is the complete eradication of our Christian history and all manner of decency.
I urge my readers to appeal to the Attorney General of the United States to call a Special Counsel to investigate possible criminal wrongdoing and prosecute to the fullest extent of the law those responsible within the ACLU for any damage to top secret programs that have been enacted in furtherance of National Security and the war on terror; any funding directly or indirectly aiding a terrorist organization; giving representation, aid and comfort to admitted terrorists; invading the privacy of their own members; hindering the ability of the government to protect the citizens of the Untied States of America; and any attempt to destroy evidence of any of these acts.
John Stephenson has compiled an extensive list of reasons why they should be investigated at this link.

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