Thursday, March 02, 2006

Colorado History Teacher-syllabus of US hatred

Sean Allen is a brave child. In an ultra liberal suburb of Denver he had the courage to 'out' a teacher who is teaching 'marxist' rhetoric and hatered of the US. Allen is the son of a conservative father and a liberal mother and obviously knows when what he is hearing is wrong. Jay Bennish seems to be running some sort of brainwashingt camp for future liberal Jihad of America. His hatered for America is obvious in the taped excerpts from Sean Allen's MP3.

Who would an America hating teacher hire to defend him, why the ACLU and not just any lawyer from the ACLU but the same lawyer who defended Ward Churchill, David Lane. Al though Mr Bennish has every right to speak his mind, he does not have the right to teach this rhetoric to a captive audience of public school kids who's parents sent them to school to learn not to be brainwashed.

The Mike Church show tonight has Sean on his show and I was very impressed by this young man and the other caller, a 2001 grad, who stated that he too had been a victim of this man's rants. So I ask you, who's civil rights have been robbed? The teacher or the kids who were force fed his anti american poison?

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