Sunday, July 29, 2007

Paranoia? I think NOT

Some of you may see this as paranoia but I think if you really mull it over you will see the danger before us. Anchor babies may be the end of the US as we know it. Our 'anchor baby' law was enacted for African slaves and the like who were forcibly brought to the US against their will. Their children were given citizenship upon their birth. This law was not meant to make any child brought into this world in the US citizenship and especially not to give automatic citizenship to the children of those who are ILLEGALLY here.
Many may wonder why this matters and why I find this dangerous. Follow the reasoning. Illegal aliens come into the US, most of them Mexican. Many Latino groups such as La Raza and Aztlan see the US as THEIRS and aim to take it back. These groups have 4-5X more children then native born and legal immigrant citizens. Eventually, the largest percentage of American voters will be children of illegal aliens with the right to vote. With the lions share of votes we could lose our country. They will legalize their families, bring in more of them, annex the US to Mexico, make Spanish the official language of the US (since our government won't vote to make English the official language) and, in essence, drag us down into a socialistic third world country like the one they are from. They will vote socialism in and we will lose our identity as the US we all know and love. There is great danger in allowing the offspring of illegal aliens to have US citizenship. We MUST put a stop to this before it is too late if it is not so already.
We must start seeing this for what it is. An invasion.

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