Sunday, July 15, 2007

Anchor Babies!

OK, I need to address something and you can call me paranoid if you want but I've seen a La Raza video that points out the number of children illegals are having in our country and the number of children Americans are having and it got me thinking. We have this anchor baby law that was not meant for illegals, actually, none of our laws are meant for illegals except the ones stating they should be deported. If these invaders/criminals continue having children in our country and we do not change this law that was meant for slaves brought in against their will then eventually I can see quite a few ramifications that will destroy America. We will have more voters that feel they are Mexican American and not American. They will vote to bring their brethren in, to legalize their relatives maybe even to take back the southwestern US if not more. We will end up living in the third world country they left. THey make make Spanish the official language of the US. They will vote democrat because they like the welfare state. We have to stop legalizing children born to illegal allien parents before they destroy our world. THis has to happen now. We need to use existing laws to keep more of them from coming in illegally. We need to make English the official language of the US. We need to abolish no child left behind so that US children can have a better education and just as important if not more important we need to abolish any law that allows illegals to have babies in the US and gives citizenship to those babies. If both parents are illegals that baby is an illegal plain and simple. Do it now before it's too late.

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