Sunday, June 03, 2007

Should We have to SETTLE?

Am I the only one who feels like supporting any of the republican presidential candidates is just settling for the least liberal of the bunch? I really don't believe that this should be the case. Is there not one true conservative Republican available and ready to run for the highest office in the land? We have a few good men but none of them that really stand for what I, a true conservative republican, believe. I am looking for one candidate who is pro-life, small government, pro democracy, pro troops, anti illegal alien and is willing to stand up for those beliefs come hell or high water. I am looking for a tried and true conservative and I don't see one. A Reagan republican, strong, forthright, honest and without fear. I want a president who will stand up to liberals and who isn't afraid to reveal them for what they are. I want a president who would take the media out of the war so we can win it without a bunch of Benedict Arnolds giving away our strategy. I want a president who knows we have immigration laws and until our government does it's sworn duty and protects us from illegal intruders we don't need another law. We need a president who understands that those that paid $35000, learned English, and our history and waited years deserve to be Americans while those that don't respect our laws and who's first act in our country was to break our laws are not fit to be here. Is there no one candidate who is truly a Republican running for the Republican nominations? If so, where do I sign up. If not, do we have to settle for a mediocre shadow of a conservative candidate?

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