Monday, June 04, 2007

American Children Pay The Price

I don't know about the rest of you but Illegal Immigration makes me mad and not just because it costs and inconveniences ME but because of the cost to my CHILDREN. There are towns in this area that you feel like an alien in your own country and the cost to the American children is the worst in these areas.
Many people don't think of the fact that our tax dollars that go to fund our schools aren't making it to OUR children.
We are still the same people paying the same taxes while illegal immigrants pay none. SO, where your child might have recieved 1/300 of the school budget allocated to students, NOW they receive 1/600 or worse.
When you think of the cost of bi-lingual education do any of you think of the different costs?
Time: The amount of time a teacher takes to teach in two differnt languages meaning the time they are actually being taught is now being cut in half.
The cost of bilingual teachers (you do have to pay more for this talent you know).
The cost of more teachers (more kids need more teachers).
The fact that almost every program available, the illegal alien children are in, food programs, after school programs etc.
The increase in the need for security personnel because whether it is PC or not to point this out, schools with an increased number of children from illegal families have an increase in discipline problems.
In addition to the loss of education dollars for our children there are other costs.
Lower pay for many of the parents due to the presence of illegals willing to work for less.
The strain on our law enforcement resources.
The cost of medical care that increases as we give free medical care to these criminals.
Need I even mention the fact that our fuel prices are skyrocketing due to high demand that could be lessened significantly if we weren't overburdened by millions of people who are here illegally. I don't know if it's a stereotype or just a keen observation but most of the illegals in my area drive $50,000 SUVs with $7000 worth of modifications and get about 15 miles to the gallon.
There are other expenses such as government expenses pertaining to paperwork, signs just about everything having to be printed in multiple languages (which is why I support making English the official language of the US).
Illegal aliens collect welfare and WIC because they do not claim their incomes which leaves fewer resources for low income American children whose paretns and grandparents fought for this country and paid their taxes dutifully to support these programs. What does it teach our children when those that break our laws benefit from it?
Don't forget the fact that our children are losing their culture. As more and more illegal immigrants enter our country and the ratio of illegal immigrants to Americans rises it is more difficult for us to assimilate the influx and thus we lose our culture.
As parents we have to start considering the detriment to our children our government is allowing by not enforcing our laws and our borders.
As parents we have to start recognizing the cost to our children and fighting for THEIR rights.

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dalosophy said...

As a father and a grandfather, I know that these are perillous times. My four children are all young adults and I have two beautiful granddaughters, of whom I am very concerned about.

The scriptures tell us that if a man will not care for those of his own household that he is worse than an infidel and has denied the faith. The word also declares that the promises of God are to you and to your children and to your children's children. In light of these two witnesses of scripture it is simple to say that there is not scriptural or biblical requirement that we are to neglect our children's welfare or that we should give their birthright and blessings over to another (especially those that have entered into our country illegally)

If the illegal immigrants are professing Christianity, then they will understand the church tenet: Thou shalt not steal. We are not supposed to neglect our children's birthright and we should not allow that birthright to be stollen either.

We also have a constitution and laws of the land that make it clear that there are specifically defined boundaries our the nation and that the people who break those boundaries are clearly breaking the law. We cannot be held accountable for those that we have elected and hired to do a job, when they do not perform that job as they should. But as we still have the ability to guard over the interest of our young, and that we are doing nothing wrong by protecting and preserving the blessed and established culture of our nation, those who suffer are not suffering because we did anything wrong, nor because our laws are unjust, but because of their own selfishness and disrespect for our laws.