Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Senator Brownback What are you thinking?

As a reluctant citizen of Kansas (I still consider myself a Washingtonian at heart) and a conservative Republican I am outraged with my Senator. Senator Brownback is a member of the judiciary committee. As we speak the judiciary committee is trying to reward criminals for ignoring our sovereignty. I don't know about all of you but I teach my children that you gain nothing by cheating or stealing but I will now have to tell them that if you are a Mexican, that doesn't count, at least not, here in the good old USA. You see there are two different kinds of just about every race. You can't pigeonhole people by their race because there is bad and good in all of them. With Mexicans there are the ones who come here legally, learn the language and really want to be Americans and then there are the law breaking scum who illegally cross our borders, lower our wages, milk our education funding, drain our medical system and sneer at our culture and THESE are the scum sucking vermin that Brownback and Kennedy want to reward. This reward will cost you and me dearly!!! Why is it that our constitution that swears that our government will protect us from invaders is last on our Senator's list? This is like those judges that legislate from the bench rather than supporting the constitution. Why is it that the welfare of a bunch of criminal non citizens is more important to our government then US citizens? These people bring diseases into our midst because they have no immunization for diseases that the US has not had to face in quite a while. They are a danger to every aspect of our lives. The fact is that there are legal ways of coming into our country and the kind of people who do that are welcome to do so (of course we must be selective) but the kind of people who ignore our laws and invade our country are not wanted by the American people (maybe by unscrupulous employers). People take a stand, call your senators, call mine, but somehow let them know that we do not want Amnesty for these leeches. We're tired of paying for the ones behind bars and having to let rapists loose due to overcrowding, they are President Fox's problem not ours. We're tired of paying for our children's education and our children not getting the full benefit because bunch of illegals are sucking the funding from our schools. We're tired of not being able to afford medical care while Mexicans get it for free driving up our costs. We're tired of making less because we are not a commodity when you can get an illegal (yes ILLEGAL not undocumented) to do it for slave wages and we are tired of feeling like aliens in our own country when we walk in the store and there are signs in Spanish and half of the people there can't or refuse to speak English! This is war and our senators want to aid and abet the invaders!! This is economic war, this is cultural war and this is a war for our sovereignty, for our borders!! People had better start paying attention!!

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