Saturday, January 28, 2006


It seems that every time I go to Wal-Mart I leave with an utter distaste for our immigration system. When I am in Wal-Mart 50-75% of the people I see are hispanic and I have to wonder how many of those are illegally in our country. Illegal or not, if they come into our country, they need to assimilate. Why do merchants such as Wal-Mart insist on enabling these people to thumb their noses at our culture? WHY do they insist on enabling them to continue to speak exclusively spanish? I speaking, of course, of the self check out terminals that want to know if I want to check out in English or Spanish and the signs throughout the store in both languages and, of course, the employess who can't speak English. If they want to spend the money spend it on English lessons for the legals and one way trips for the illegals.

Recently I was listening to talk radio and a caller made an interesting statement, he stated that these hispanics (most of them Mexican) are 'colonizing' our country. WOW what a revelation. I don't think that merchants such as Wal-Mart understand the harm they are doing to our country in the name of the all mighty dollar. If these people insist on being here then they need to learn English to function, WE do not need to make it easy for them to stay ignorant of our language. There was a time that anyone who wanted to immigrate to the US and any that wanted to become citizens had to learn our history, our culture, and yes, our language. These days Americans pay so that immigrants can stay ignorant to our way of life. Who do you think pays for interpretors? For all of the forms printed in multiple languages? For school teachers who are multi-lingual? Do you not think that our children pay when their teachers have to spend half of their time teaching in another language? Teaching children whose parents, most likely, pay no taxes? Our children get short changed on their education because OUR tax dollars have to go to pay for education for illegal aliens. Let's call a spade a spade, their parents are criminals, invaders of our country! You and I probably paid for their birth in one of our hospitals, their immunizations, their healthcare. It is very likely we are paying for their food stamps. We pay in many ways. We pay through lower wages when companies can pay illegals less than a fair American wage. We pay because many of these are not only criminals because they crossed our borders illegally but many were criminals in their own country, we have become mexico's dumping ground for their criminals and their uneducated labor force. We pay to keep them in our jails!

I find it disturbing that if these people were arab we'd be demanding they be removed immediately and be scared but because they are latino we put up with their invasion. Don't kid yourselves we HAVE been invaded and though they do not fight a war with us in the traditional sense of guns and tanks, they are conducting a war!! They have declared economic war on us as well as cultural war and we are playing dead. I was recently in Dumas, Texas and I literally felt like an alien in my own country. Does no one realize that in these border states there are enough of these people to take over if they saw fit? Do enough people not know that their military has, on many occasions, crossed our borders to protect their smugglers? This IS a war and until the people of the US start treating it that way we are at risk of losing it!! Our military is protecting everyone's border but ours! We DO need to be protected from this invasion but, instead, our government is treating it as more of a nuisance than the war that it is. We are not Mexico's welfare state and, I for one, will not roll over and play dead while these leeches decimate MY country!!

The United States shall guarantee to every state in this Union a Republican form of Government and shall protect each of them against invasion

United States Constitution
Article IV, Section 4

So, where are the forces sworn to protect us?

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