Sunday, January 29, 2006


WOW when did the democrats officially join ranks with Osama Bin Laden? I say officially since they've been anti-American for some time but to hear the comments of Bin Laden was laughable. The same rhetoric the democrats use to try to fool Americans is being used by Bin Laden, amazing! Do you think this has made the democrats step back and re-assess their stance, hardly. Hopefully, though, Americans are paying attention to the similarity between the left and the terrorist. Whether it is coming from the left or from a terrorist, it is still the same trash meant to destroy our country. When people such as Harry Belefonte and AlGore go over seas and trash the US I personally think that they should be exiled. Their comments are damaging to our country. It seems that over the years the pride that Americans had in their country has disappeared. There was a time that if you disagreed with the current administration you didn't go around tearing them and your country down especially not in other countries. You still had respect and pride in your country. I admit that when Clinton was president I was embarrassed but I still respected my country too much to take her down with him.
If the democrats had anything to offer they'd be making speeches about their ideas and how they want to change things but instead they run around like Jr High little girls tearing down others to try to make themselves look better knowing they have nothing any better to offer. I think they know that the American people in general don't want what they are offering so in a last ditch desperate attempt they are using school girl tactics to try to make the other guy look bad so they might be seen as the lesser of the two evils. Unfortunately, in the process, they are dragging down the US with them. They are giving ammunition to hour enemies. They are traitors and at the least should not be able to be part of our government. There was a time when senators, ex vice-presidents etc. were held to a higher standard of public behavior. I believe there was a time that they would no longer have a position in our government if they demeaned our country overseas in this way.
After Pearl Harbor, when we were forced to war, had our media and our government officials acted as they do now, we would be speaking German now if we were speaking at all. Personally, I think we should put these anti American Democrats in a room and pipe in nothing but "Have You Forgotten", "Courtesy of the Red White and Blue" and "American Soldier" until they wise up. We might also try bombarding them with the words of our forefathers and the constitution until they get the picture. We'll call it indoctrination into the American way.

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