Saturday, May 19, 2007

Random Thought on Kennedy's Plan for Amnesty

Standing in line in th grocery store behind an illegal alien and her disorderly children as the cashier fills out their WIC and Food stamps. As you leave you see her entering her $50,000 SUV that gets about 15 mpg (imagine if they all went home what that would do for fuel consumption/prices) with $7000 worth of wheels and $3000 worth of modifications.

Her hubby works under the table paying no taxes.
She can apply for help because she doesn't claim her husband's earnings.
She can apply for help because all you have to to is give birth on US soil and your child is automatically an American. (One parent should have to be an American by birth or by law before a child can be an American. Now if one parent BECOMES an American before the child reaches 18 I see no problem with the child getting automatic status but 1 illegal plus 1 illegal does not produce a legal.)
Her children attend US schools at the expense of US citizens.
Her children cost our schools more than the average US child because of language barriers and the fact that they are usually on all of the 'programs'.
Schools with a high percentage of children belonging to illegal immigrants have more behavior problems, many times requiring intervention by law enforcement.
In many towns more than 60% of law enforcement manpower is used for problems dealing with illegal immigrants.
US hospitals (especially small ones) must treat these criminals (illegal is illegal sorry) and this causes financial hardship for them which they pass on to US citizens.
Kennedy is turning his fellow Americans into slaves forced to support illegal aliens and their children. He is sacrificing the citizens for the criminals. HE MUST BE STOPPED!!

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James said...

This is 100% absurd. I am with you and the welfare system needs a full make over! I talk about this on my blog also.